AudioQuest Nighthawk


NightHawk’s earcups are made from a revolutionary material known as “liquid wood” – actual wood that has been combined with reclaimed plant fiber, heated, liquefied, and processed in such a way that it can be injection molded. Compared to ordinary plastic or wood, however, liquid wood has far superior acoustic properties and provides a seemingly endless array of geometric possibilities.

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Headphones Specifications:
Impedance: 25 ohms
Sensitivity: 99dBSPL / mW
Power Handling: 1.5W
Weight: 346g (12.2 oz.)
Driver: 50mm Dynamic – Biocellulose Diaphragm – 1.2T Split-Gap Motor

Cable Specifications:
Length: 8′ (2.4m)
Conductors: Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+)
Geometry: Symmetrical Star-Quad
Dielectric: Foamed-Polyethylene
NDS: Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation System
Terminations: 3.5mm Stereo to Dual 2.5mm Mono, Direct-Silver Plated Pure Red Copper