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Free shipping on orders over R3000.00

Harman/Kardon Go + Play 3 Portable Bluetooth speaker in Black


Sleek design and outstanding sound—indoors or out.
With its refined silhouette, substantial, high-quality aluminum handle, and tempered glass touch panel, the Harman Kardon Go + Play 3’s sleek design looks beautiful and sounds even better—thanks to its high output and crystal clear 3-way stereo sound. Plus it automatically tunes itself to its new surroundings, so that your music always sounds its best.

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Features and Benefits

Superior sound performance with three-way speakers

The Harman Kardon Go + Play 3’s three-way speaker design provides a detailed, clear stereo soundstage. Its down-firing 5” subwoofer delivers thunderous, accurate bass. Dual tweeters and mid-range drivers provide flawless vocal and instrument reproduction, while an additional front-mounted passive radiator kicks out the punch.

Signature design elegantly crafted with premium materials.

Harman Kardon’s Go + Play 3 has a familiar shape but its latest generation features a tempered glass-top touch panel that is responsive and completely intuitive to use. The grille fabric is subtly eye-catching, and the sleek but sturdy high-quality aluminium handle is ergonomically designed to make it easy to carry around your home.

Built-in battery

With its rechargeable built-in battery, you can enjoy the Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 anywhere in your home, and easily transport it from one room to another for up to 8 hours of playtime.

Bluetooth music streaming

The Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 pairs seamlessly with up to two mobile devices simultaneously. Take turns sharing playlists and music, all in enhanced, dynamic sound.

USB Charging port

Never worry about your mobile device running out of juice while you’re streaming your favourite audiobook. The USB charging port means you and your device will always be ready for anything.

Auto self-tuning

Enjoy perfect sound wherever you take your music. Every time you power it on, the Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 automatically calibrates to its new surroundings, ensuring the best sound possible no matter where you set it down.

Dual far-field microphones

Built-in dual microphones offer far-field voice clarity so that you’ll sound crystal clear even if you’re not standing right next to the speaker.

Wireless pairing

Wirelessly pair two Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 speakers together for bigger stereo sound for bigger spaces indoors or out.

Made in part with recycled materials

The Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 speaker grille fabric is woven from 100% recycled polyester yarn, and features a handle cast from 90% recycled aluminium and 85% recycled plastic in the internal and bottom casing. It’s also packaged in FSC-certified paper printed with soy ink.