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Free shipping on orders over R3000.00

Pro-Ject Control it DS/RS in aluminium (demo unit)


All-in-one IR remote for Box Design

Control it DS/RS – easy control for multiple Box Design components !

Control it DS/RS is a universal remote control with beautiful aluminium housing front for the Box Design lines DS, DS2, RS and S! It makes it incredibly easy to navigate on your Stream Box, turn the volume up on you Pre Box or to switch the inputs on your DAC. All without taking another remote control in your hand. You only have to change to the decive you want to control by pushbutton. Therefore this is the remote you really need, because Control it DS/RS is able to replace all existing Box Design remotes completely!

In stock



  • Pre-programmed system remote
  • Control several Box Design components with a single remote
  • Replaces standard Box Design IR remotes
  • Compatible with DS2/DS/RS plus S components
  • Housing metal front made of brushed aluminium

Compatible with the following models:-

  • Pre Box RS
  • Pre Box RS Digital
  • Stereo Box RS
  • CD Box RS
  • DAC Box RS
  • Stream Box RS
  • Pre Box DS Digital
  • Pre Box DS2 Analogue
  • MaiA DS2
  • Head Box DS2
  • CD Box DS2 T
  • Stream Box DS2 T