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Free shipping on orders over R3000.00

Sennheiser HD630VB


On the go or at home, Sennheiser’s HD 630VB delivers amazing performance and a host of features not normally found on audiophile headphones. The cutting-edge transducers provide clear, powerful sound reproduction, allowing you to hear the subtle nuances of your favorite music recordings. You’ll experience audio with a level of realism that is nothing short of astounding.

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  • Closed-back around ear audiophile headphone featuring a collapsible design for maximum portability.
  • Premium materials used throughout including aluminum ear cups, yokes and sliders for durability and reliability.
  • Innovative rotary variable bass control for customizing low frequency response.
  • Integrated controls on the ear cup for music and call control, selectable for iOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung Galaxy) devices.
  • 2 year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer.