Free shipping on orders over R3000.00


Free shipping on orders over R3000.00

van den Hul CS – 122 HYBRID (halogen free) per metre


This twin lead loudspeaker cable is the twin version of the CS – 12 HF. Main aim is to provide a high quality flat twin lead cable at a low price.


Please contact us if terminations are required.

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The 2 conductors are made of 147 strands of 0.16 mm. diameter high purity Matched Crystal OFC with a very dense pure silver coating.

  • Each conductor exhibits a cross-section area of 2.96 mm², equalling AWG 12.5.
  • Covering the two conductors you find an extra Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer to improve the sonic performance and to transform the radiated magnetic field into an audio-signal again.
  • The resistance per lead is: 0.58 Ohm/100 meter.
  • The capacitance between the 2 leads is: 32 pF/meter.
  • The cable jacket is made of our HULLIFLEX ® 3, a very flexible and mechanically superb insulation material.
  • The insulation of the plus and minus leads is different in shape with printing in the flat middle section. Both properties are easy polarity finders. Type printing on every 25 cm. (10″) makes cutting of specified lengths very easy.
  • This cable is available in a very attractive matt cream color.

Our 4.0 mm. Ø cable entrance diameter Bus type Universal Speaker Connectors and our DIY Screw-On Speaker Connectors are excellently suited for the CS – 122 HYBRID.




STRENGTH: Detail, naturalness, Bass speed and punch, midrange, voices, warmth, resolution, build quality, no harshness.

WEAKNESS: None – it seems to do nearly everything better than any other I’ve tested.


This cable is of very, very fine quality. It’s a strong cable a the outside, that’s for sure(just feel over the cable). Important the so called ‘Audiophiles’ that listens to cables for less than 1 day are dummies!! A cable from silver performs a it’s best after a break-in-period, how long this is? not how long you listens to the music, but how the silver-oxide make a even better conductivity between the wires(silver-oxide conducts), this is very important if u are a true listener! After less than a week it’s fine. Ok now the sound! low, high and mid. This cable is the perfect mix for a completive price off 12eur/m Why this is a perfect mix? The bass is very good, much better than an ordinary OFC cable with PVC isolation. Off course if U want a overated bass and loss of high frequency +30kHz go ahead and buy another cable but don’t cry, because your THD is much higher. Listen to this cable let you hear EVRETHING, the tiny details, you can now hear and much cleaner!!! Overall this cable rocks It’s total UV protected(the cable doesn’t lose it’s natural color trough the sun) The isolation is AAA+ class, for this price and quality you can’t go higher Listen to the cable and you’ll be amazed, listen to real natural sound, it’s like your in it.

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